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Our Food



2 Courses £16 / 3 Courses £21

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Arancino Beccafico £5
Anchovies, pine nuts, wild fennel and raisin

Sicilian Hot Dog £6
Homemade sausage, pickled hispy cabbage and mint mayo

Blackmagnum £6
Salted cod, tomato sauce and cerignola olives

Cetara Anchovies £6
Porcini emulsion and candied lemon

Carling Rock Ford Oyster £4
Finger lime, gin and fennel elixir

Whole Wheat Taco £9
Squid pineapple, coriander cress and friggitelli peppers

Vegan “Meatballs” £5
Lentils, sun-dried tomatoes, basil and baked black olives sause

Cornwall Scallops £10
Mentsuyu sauce roe and topinambur



Chef’s Selection of Bread and Olive Oil £7

Cheese & Charcuterie Platter £15

Trentalune San Daniele Ham, Testa & Molinaro £16



Spaghettone Aglio, Olio e Peperoncino £14
Broccoli rabe spicy breadcrumbs and herbal sauce

Tagliolini Truffle £21


Agnolotti del Plin £17
Homemade pasta, romanesco broccoli, almond sauce, tuna bottarga and lemon zest


Langoustine Fusillone £20
Anchovies and truffle butter, homemade pasta, smoked butter and eryngii mushrooms


BOTTLES Fish’n Chips £18
Black cod, french fries foam, sherry vinegar mixed salad

Mediterranean Octopus a la Plancha £27
Sauteed puntarelle, delica pumpkin and mushrooms jus

Rib Eye Tagliata £35
Roasted butter carrots, coffee jus and mint oil powder

Wild Seabass Ceviche £20
Cucumber water, cob, granny smith, coriander cress pickled onions and baked black olives sauce



Sauteed Broccoli Rabe, Lemon Tahine £5

Triple Cooked Potato Wedges, Mint-Mayo £7

Sicilian Fennel Salad £7



Cumin Tartlet £9
Cinnamon and chilly namelaka, candied sqaush in smoked whisky

Viennese Pastry £7
Malvasia créme,candied capers, coffee dust

Saffron & liquorice ice cream on stick £8

Cheesefake £10
Almonds ricotta, raspberry, rosemary gel, hot chestnuts sauce