Whether you’re a true oenophile or just looking to dip your toe into the world of wine, we’ve got something for everybody at Bottles.

St Valentine’s SOOD Supper Club – 14 February

Come for a romantic evening and and taste some lovingly made dishes by the chefs of SOOD as well as a complimentary glass of prosecco.

Ticket price – £40 

Forgotten Grapes Around the World – 21st January

Join our senior sommelier Chiara  and discover the less known and forgotten varieties from around the world. Including a selection of cheese, salumi & nibbles.

Ticket price – £40 

International Grape Varieties Cultivated in Italy – 18 February

With 377 genetically different grape varieties, Italy is the largest wine producer in the world.

Taste unique and exclusive wines with Chiara. Including cheese, salami & nibbles.

Tickets – £40

Extreme Climate Conditions: Mountains – 18th March

Join us on our continuing wine journey as we explore wines produced in some of the most extreme climates in Italy, from the hard to reach mountains to the active volcanoes. Plus cheese, salumi & nibbles.

Tickets (£40) here

A Taste of Rome – 19th March

For one evening only BOTTLES & SOOD will momentarily transport you to Rome for a taste of the finest Italian food & wines.

Tickets are £40 and include a glass of prosecco.