Our Food


The combination between food & wines is key to our concept. They complement each other. We constantly study what works best with what. Allowing us to offer you an experience and take you through a journey you won’t forget.

Our menu is always seasonal. We respect nature and its produce. We only use the best suppliers who source their ingredients very carefully. The best flavours are given only by the best products that grow and live in specific areas of the world. And that’s our mission: to bring them to your table.

We have a ZERO waste policy. We cook everything fresh every day. There is always a way to use every single part of every single vegetable, meat or fish. If you have trimmings you can make a stock, “ugly” parts you can change shape to them and so on. But nothing goes to waste in our kitchen.



Bread, evo 3.5 (v)

Mixed marinated olives 3 (v)

Burrata, artichoke, bottarga 12

Charcuterie, cheese selection 13

Truffle rice tegolino 12 (v)

Low temperature egg, 32 months aged Parmesan fondue,
black truffle 12

Scallops, samphire, ’Mirto’ sauce, pickled celery, crispy
Jerusalem artichokes 16

Venison tartar, mixed berries, roasted cauliflower, fried egg yolk 14





Spaghetti di Gragnano, 4 tomatoes selection, basil 12 (v)

Homemade pappardelle, duck ragout, marsala, rosemary 16

Homemade oxtail tortello, spinach and lemon zest sauce,
raw prawn 16

Homemade tagliolino, butter, black truffle 18 (v)

24 hours cooked chestnuts honey glazed suckling pig,
squash puree, artichokes 23

Cod fillet, black sesame, mussels green sauce,
candied beetroot 19.5

Halibut, roasted fennel, smoked celeriac puree 21

Beef fillet, gorgonzola sauce, crispy guanciale, roscoff onions 23

Rack of lamb, mustard, pistachio, Jerusalem artichoke 23